More visibility = better results !

Effective promotion of a property necessarily carried by the web today. In addition to publishing the complete listing of your home on the largest real estate brokerage web site in Canada, Realtor.ca (MLS / SIA), which attracts an average of 5 million visitors per month, your independent real estate broker member of RCIIQ, is able to offer you an adittionnal high performance web marketing program.
iPubWeb's program allows you to display your property in close to twenty of the most popular real estate web sites. That's more than 3 million additional visitors who can see the description of your home ! Moreover, with the reciprocal agreements between independent brokers, each property is also redirect on hundreds of personal broker sites.

Your main benefits
  • Access to modern and efficient marketing tools.
  • Increased visibility on the most popular real estate sites
  • A solution that saves you time, energy and money
  • Effective ways to attract potential buyers and get higher offers

Note: iPubWeb program is exclusif to participating brokers, RCIIQ members. 


Richard Desautels
Real estate broker Certified AEO
7785, chemin de Chambly
Saint-Hubert, Quebec  J3Y 5K2